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posted Sep 07, 2011 18:20:21 by math7
Would you like to see the ActivExpressions use everyday in math class? Why or Why not?
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agetman said Sep 08, 2011 19:45:09
Yes, I think it's a very good idea to start integrating technology with education every day. Different is better.
math7 said Sep 12, 2011 19:14:12
I think the new "different" is technology. When you are an adult I do not think there will be a "different" -- technology in edcuation will be the norm and it will be very cool!
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bhenrikson said Sep 13, 2011 13:43:47
Yes I think it would be a great experience!
And its a diffrent idea and it will be fun.
cphillips said Sep 13, 2011 14:21:16
Yes i do because it would be fun!
eO'beirne said Sep 13, 2011 14:21:53
kblevins said Sep 13, 2011 14:27:23
yes,because we could have fun and do some math
sjacobs said Sep 13, 2011 14:27:52
Yes it's fun to use this instead of raising hands
gburson said Sep 13, 2011 15:08:59
I think it is a good way to learn.
adrain said Sep 13, 2011 15:10:29
Yes, it will most likely make students more motivated to learn.
lbradford said Sep 13, 2011 15:12:23
I think it would be a fun idea.
We use them often. Which we have fun when we do.
The people that "act up" Should not have the privilage to use them though.
So, therefor I think we should.
dburgess said Sep 13, 2011 15:14:01
No. o like the older and fashion way its way better instead of computers
lhughes said Sep 13, 2011 15:14:44
Yes, because its just better to send awnsers to the active bord than writing it down and asking what we put.
Laura H
jcolbert said Sep 13, 2011 15:15:05
Yes, it would be a lot of fun to have them and they might just make class go faster
cbrown said Sep 13, 2011 15:15:13
yes,I would like to see it more because technology is one of the many things our generation is growing up with!!!!!
nclark said Sep 13, 2011 15:17:21
Yess please that would be GGRRRAET! that would be much better than simple learning! fun stuff!
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