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Take a look at the Russell Athletic commerical or the Go Gators video (Math Media tab) and let me know what you think?

posted Oct 02, 2011 02:43:11 by Mrs.DeBacker
The videos (commericals) made me think about our classroom environment after all we are in it together -- math class!! What is our GO? What is your GO?
Mrs. D
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lbradford said Oct 03, 2011 19:30:57
I think our GO is to do teamwork! Also, to help each other by pushing each other to the limits! I think we can be strived by our peers to help accomplish our goals! I hope we can do this! We have to worki together to accomplish this!
bhavill said Oct 03, 2011 20:28:51
The Russell commercial was very inspiring to stick together no matter what. The GO GATOR video was also inspiring, to strive for your goals in life. You can be whomever you choose to be, if you believe on yourself.
math7 said Oct 03, 2011 20:58:08
Lauren Smith -- a disc jockey or horse jockey??
Lance I really like your feedback on the videos!! Together we can do anything!!
And you are right Havill-- We must believe in ourselves!!
Mrs. D
MLDeBacker-- the Rocket City
lsmith said Oct 03, 2011 20:58:23
my go is become a jockey (0.0) ((())) ___
hrisner said Oct 03, 2011 21:20:28
My go is to become an actress.
kirstenkix said Oct 03, 2011 21:54:20
Whats a go? I'm going to guess my go is to be an amazing soccer player. My class go is to work better as a team!
ayost said Oct 03, 2011 23:04:43
My GO is to be a Mechanical Enigeer!!! XD XD XD XD <3
cbrown said Oct 03, 2011 23:06:22
my go is to be a pro hockey player,our go should be to strive to learn all different things!!!!
kgwaltney said Oct 03, 2011 23:07:05
My GO is to become a good photographer!
aowen said Oct 04, 2011 00:23:22
Everybody has different go's as you see from the feedback, and like Lance said we are all in this together! We are like the High School Musical movies slogan!WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! What everyone else said is exactly what i would say too... so read theirs! Yeah!
Karlee said Oct 04, 2011 00:29:20
Our class goal should be to work together and then, we can acomplish anything that we can put our minds to!!!!!!
My Go is to be the BEST dematologist in the state of Alabama. or a famous actress :D
Karlee said Oct 04, 2011 00:29:52
PS I AM Karlee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JenaeWillett said Oct 04, 2011 00:36:03
By the way, i couldn't get my Google account to work.
JenaeWillett said Oct 04, 2011 00:36:50
The Russel Athletic video made me think of How we have to work together to get most anything done. My GO verb is Go be a writer. - Jenae Willett 5th period
JesseLochner said Oct 04, 2011 00:43:16
1) i couldnt get my google account to work on this so i had to sign in with facebook.....

my GO is to become a photography.!!!

our GO should be to work as a team when using activexpression and other group stufff
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